Baby Shop at Bugis (Shen Kwong Trading)

Updated: 27 Apr 2022, about a new branch nearby the main shop.

“You can check out this baby clothing shop in Bugis.”

Always a whisper here and there about this shop among mummy groups, but not ostensibly well-known. So I’m shedding some light on this “elusive” baby shop at Bugis that’s near the Chinese temple. A quick google, and you will find online chatter about this shop from ten years ago. And till today, it’s still in business.

Baby Stuff at Shen Kwong Trading

If you are looking for party dresses and beautiful Carters-like rompers, this is not the place. Instead, this shop has great finds for clothes to wear at home or to sleep. Or other stuff like washcloth, towels, mittens, caps, etc. Okay, they do sell going out clothes, but the style is more of my mum’s generation liking.

This shop is considered a wholesaler rather than a retailer. Most stuff are not sold in single pieces, but in packs of six and dozen.

I am a return customer. Got some stuff here for Baby EX in 2017 and now back for more for my second baby. We just did some baby shopping last Saturday and these are my buys and the prices as at 11 Jan 2020:

  • Cloth to clean gums (12 pcs): S$6 ($0.50ea)
  • Washcloth (12 pcs): S$4 ($0.33ea)
  • *Holey Short Sleeve Top (6 pcs): S$14 ($2.33ea)
  • Newborn Pants (6pcs): S$12 ($2ea)
  • ^Toddler XL Pants (6 pcs): S$14 ($2.33ea)

Total: S$50

* On hindsight, we should have bought kimono like tops with side ties. Easier to put on for fidgety baby.

^ For the pants, we got L size for baby EX and she grew into them from an infant to toddler. Now it’s time to upsize her fraying pants. These pants are easy to slip on for playground time.

Hours and Directions


The opening hours for Shen Kwong Trading Co. is from 9:00AM to 5:45PM (Monday to Saturday). Do refer to its Facebook Page though, sometimes the shop opens on public holidays, such as the recent Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Second Branch

(Updated: 27 April 2022) The other day I came across their second branch at Queen Street. It was closed on the Sunday I was there. I forgot to take down their unit but this is where you can find them: Blk 269 Queen Street # 01 Singapore 180269

Hours stated on the doors of the second branch

Directions to the main branch

The address is Blk 269 Queen Street #01-246, Singapore 180269. Nearest MRT is Bugis Station.

From Bugis Junction to this shop, you will walk through Bugis street and past the famous Albert Centre Market & Food Centre. Drop by for some cheap and good hawker eats. I love the zui kway, and Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu from this place. Yums!

Anyway, once you walk pass the food centre, turn left, go straight and you will see block 269. Enter through the circle as shown in the photo below and you will see the shop on your left.

Enjoy shopping! Share your buys with me below. 🙂

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