Dessert Cup’s Pricing


Walked past Dessert Cup shop in Plaza Singapura and thought their cake display looks really nice. We wanted to order their cupcakes and cake for Evangeline’s 100 days party but didn’t in the end. That’s because our friend offered to make a cake for us. 🙂 But before he offered, I had gone to check out Dessert Cup’s pricing.

Dessert Cup Flavours

The saleslady was friendly and kept mentioning how she always helped her customers curate their dessert table. However, do note that Dessert Cup only provides the dessert and not the decorations.

My friend who went with me wanted to try the cupcake they were selling in the store. However, the sales lady insisted that the flavours in-store might differ from what they deliver during the party because of the different baking methods. I could not quite remember her reasoning, but she was quite ambiguous about it in the first place.

Dessert Cup Package Price

Basically she meant that there’s no point trying out the cupcake they were selling instore to see if they are good enough for me to order the party package. Suspicious though..because the taste should be consistent regardless of baking methods. I would think that they fare better in terms of food presentation than taste.

Dessert Cup Package Price

I did a quick google and their review ratings are generally not high in the search results. Then I saw this google review: “Would give 0 stars if I could. The cupcakes look pretty but they tasted terrible. Dry, artificial tasting. Tasted like they were a week old (maybe longer). Not sure why they are priced so high. Don’t waste your money here.”

So it depends on whether you prefer form or substance. Then again, it probably taste better than I give them credit for.

Dessert Cup's Pricing

p.s. Dessert Cup Singapore Pricing as stated in the photos are as at 25 August 2017. Dessert Cup has more packages than what I’ve posted here.

So what have you heard about Dessert Cup? Are you considering engaging them? Please feel free to share in the comments section below.

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