Maternity Photoshoot

Finally did my maternity photoshoot with Shann from Scintilla Studio! 📸

Packages start from S$288 with all photos edited and returned. Sounds like a great deal right?! All the photos posted in this post are as I have received them, except for the watermarks I added and a few collages I did. Do note that the packages don’t include make up and outfits.

Nearly didn’t do the photoshoot because of all the preparation fuss – of attire, make up, etc. I find it troublesome to play dress up. Moreover, we had to squeeze time out from the many errands for the home renovations. Hence I procrastinated and kept delaying the shoot until my 37th week!

But thank God we did it in the end because I had a great time doing the photoshoot! I stopped taking the week by week photo after a few weeks, and so it’s a good thing we did this to record the “bumpy” memories. 😊 Reminded us of our wedding photoshoot. Haha.

If you are a first time mum, I would totally recommend a maternity photoshoot for keepsake. Even if you are not FTM, it would be so cool to have the elder sibling join in the maternity photoshoot.

You can choose to do an outdoor or indoor shoot. I had initially wanted to do an outdoor shoot with the lalang and nature, but the weather was mercilessly hot. So we ended up shooting in our half done up house, which turned out to be a good choice! Recording memories of two new beginnings in their work-in-progress phases – baby in the womb and house in the works.

Am a super mum~ whee~

I did my own make up, which was very light, and did only a little touch up throughout the shoot. I am super noob when it comes to make up, so it’s good that Shann can still make me look awesome! Also, not being fashionistas, we brought quite a number of outfits to seek Shann’s professional opinion. We didn’t know which ones are good on camera. In the end, we only wore 15% of the clothes we brought along. >.<

Tip: Try to do your photoshoot early from 29 to 32 weeks so that your face doesn’t look as swell up / bloated as I was during the photoshoot at the 37th week. But according to a few, my bump still didn’t look enormous like I was due anytime soon. 😛

I am shy in revealing my tummy but it’s still the focus. What better way to shine the spotlight on it than revealing it. Moreover, didn’t photoshop away the linea negra across the belly to show that this vertical line is perfectly normal on pregnant mummy’s tummy!

p.s. Linea negra literally means black line in Spanish.

In between our shoots, we asked Shann to help us use our Polaroid camera to take us. It’s not our style to buy a Polaroid camera, but at around the same time, hubby and I were thinking about getting one to take photos of our baby! What parenthood does to us. Decided to test shot a few photos first. The film is quite expensive but the photos turned out pretty. *Happy* 🙂

Such a coincidence that the two photos came out with pink and white frames when we were wearing white against the pink background! Okay, the colours are not that visible in the photo above.

The indoor shoot turned out better than I had expected. That’s because Shann really has an eye to find interesting angles and corners in an empty house for quirky and creative shots.

She really has interesting perspectives.

Even found a perfect spot in the service yard to take ‘dreamy’ photos.

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward.” Psalm 127:3

“We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

Looking forward to our newborn shoot with Shann already!


Newborn + Maternity package by Scintilla Studio starts from S$500. Do note that the packages don’t include make up and outfits.

Quote ‘Joogobaby’ to get 10% off when you book and make deposits in 2017. 🙂

You can view photos of our newborn photoshoot at:

Newborn Photoshoot


Are you taking maternity and newborn photoshoot? Or do you have other photographers you like to recommend? Feel free to share or ask in the comments section below. 

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