Postpartum Hair Loss with SMiB Hair Care (Review)

I know the inevitable will come. I went through once without expecting it, but now I know better. Yet when strands of hair strewn around my fingers, I shook my head, denying the possibility.

“These are just the usual few hair strands dropping off,” I reassured myself. I glanced over to the drainage trap and my self denial bubble burst. The tangled mesh of black strands was definitely thicker than usual. It’s here — postpartum hair loss.

About Scalp and Hair Loss

My Oily Scalp

“When did you last wash your hair?”

I gave a puzzled look. “Last night. Why?”

“Your scalp is already quite oily, and it’s only afternoon,” my hairdresser said matter-of-factly. “Best to wash twice for your condition. Otherwise, use shampoo that’s targeted at oily scalp.”

Apparently, it is not advisable to wash hair on alternate day for Singapore’s climate unless we have dry scalp. Also, I have been using the wrong shampoo, a scalp normalizing shampoo for dry scalp. That’s because I assume my dandruff during my growing up years was due to dry scalp.


I said it.

I have been so ashamed of this problem. Dandruff seems to imply I have poor hygiene habits when it’s because I have oily scalp. In fact, I wash my hair daily, otherwise my scalp will feel uncomfortable and itch! If only I have an internet worth of information at my fingertips, I would have tackled my dandruff problem earlier.

Oily Scalp and Hair Loss

“Those with oily scalp tend to lose more hair during postpartum period,” my hairdresser added. So even though I have no more dandruff now (perhaps due to age or shampoo used), except for the occasional scalp itch, my oily scalp still poses a problem for me.

Postpartum hair loss starts about 3-5 months after giving birth. “The recovery time for hair (to stop falling) varies. In some people it’s three months, in others it’s six months. Occasionally, it can last a year,” said dermatologist Sejal Shah, M.D in this article.

Based on experience, I know the hair loss will go away by itself, but not without taking along a huge chunk of my hair. My hair receded at the two sides of my forehead and my crown. Obviously the hair thickening shampoo I used during my first postpartum did not work for me.

Cleaning Oily Scalp

So I could either ride this hair loss journey out, or take this chance to find a shampoo that cleanses my oily scalp well — killing two birds with one stone. My search for anti hairloss products led me to SMiB (슀미브), a Korean Hair Care Range that helps to lessen hair loss and achieve healthier hair through a clean and healthy scalp.

SMiB believes that cleansing your scalp well can make it less oily, and in turn produce healthier hair and less hair fall. Many have neglected taking good care of the scalp, but it is a part of our skin. Like face, the scalp needs cleaning to get rid of dirt and grease.

Why does the scalp need cleaning?

Here are the reasons according to SMiB:

  • To prevent blockage and further oil production. Otherwise, the excessive oil (sebum production) on scalp may result in inflammation, itchiness, dandruff, and excessive sebum.
  • Over time, the buildup of sebum can clog hair follicles and this may lead to hair loss and thinning. Once the hair follicles become stronger to hold the hair, the hair will not drop off as easily.

Healthy hair always starts with a healthy scalp.

About SMiB’s Haircare Range

SMiB’s haircare range comprises of:

  • Shampoo,
  • Treatment (conditioner),
  • Scalp Essence (leave in), and
  • a really cool Plasma Technology Scalp Massager (comb).

You can try all these products in SMiB’s Starter Kit (100ml/500ml) at S$149.90/ S$199.90. Or if you prefer to try out the products without the massager, you can get the mini bundle of 100ml at S$69.90.

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What’s so special about SMiB’s products?

The ingredients.

SMiB’s haircare range contains high quality calcium extracted from edible corals that have hardened. Calcium is the key ingredient in the products to maintain a healthy scalp. Calcium supposedly relieves itching due to inflammation, and forms a skin barrier to protect the scalp. Moreover, calcium is an essential mineral that is said to give your hair a natural shine.

Along with coral calcium, the products only have natural ingredients that are good for the scalp, such as Zinc Pyrithione, Panthenol and Salicylic Acid. And not to worry, they don’t contain silicon and other 23 harmful chemicals. For example, the infamous parabeans.

Research and Test of the Products.

This haircare range came about after 2 years of intensive research with 46 participants going through a 1-month test at P&K Skin Research Centre. Clinical test report was conducted to verify that the products indeed help the testers in these areas: dandruff improvement, relief itchiness, soothe the scalp, reduce the number of missing hair, scalp elasticity, and tensile strength.

For optimal result, the research center recommended users to exclusively use the products for 3 to 4 months.

Personally, I think the sample size is quite small to have conclusive results. But knowing about the research and test do give me more confidence over the efficacy of the products. I mean, I also assume those claims on shampoos and conditioners from supermarket are true without knowing if they went for tests to back those claims. So small test better than no test?

Plasma Technology Scalp Massager

Plasma is sometimes referred to as the fourth state of matter, distinct from the solid, liquid, and gaseous states.


SMiB’s Plasma Scalp Massager is an innovative device that incorporates Plasma Technology into the massager to aid the scalp in the absorption of the coral calcium in the hair essence. Just so you know, SMiB is the first in Singapore to introduce Coral Calcium and Plasma Technology.

This massager also went through testing to check on its efficiency to improve scalp health. Plasma Technology is emitted through the two ceramic white parts on the massager (video of test on generating of Plasma).

So what else does this Plasma Technology do?

  • Effectively cleanse and disinfect scalps from contaminants better than any other method.
  • Improves blood flow and circulation in our blood vessels. This increases the nutrient supply to our hair follicles.
  • Energizes weaker hair follicles, increases metabolism and accelerates hair follicle production cycle. Scalp will then be revitalized, and result in stronger, thicker and healthier hair.

Overall, this Plasma Scalp Massager serves to improve scalp health and in turn, reduce hair loss and prevent other hair and scalp concerns.

My Experience and Review

All SMiB products come with a step-by step guide on how to use their products effectively, as well as tips on scalp and hair care. For example, SMiB emphasised on using their products exclusively and not mix with other products. That’s because there might be harmful ingredients in those other products and thus render SMiB’s products less effective. SMiB assured that users should be able to see a difference with everyday use of SMiB’s products.

Step 1: Shampoo

Using suitable amount of the shampoo, I massaged it through my scalp and made sure the whole scalp has been cleaned before moving down to my hair.

The shampoo bubbles up a lot, like those used in hair salons. Speaking of which, a consultant from SMiB did mention to me that these products are also used in a few mid to high end hair salons.

After rinsing with water, my hair felt a tad dry, like the oil or moisture had been stripped away. Not to worry though, because the treatment in the next step would condition my hair again. My fingers too felt a bit dry/rough when I rubbed them against each other, like it’s super clean. So in the same way, I imagined my scalp to be super cleaned out.

Step 2: Treatment

Usually conditioner should not be applied to the scalp as that will make the roots oilier and clog the pores.

But for this treatment from SMiB, it can be used on the scalp. Just rinse it off thoroughly after that. Not only does the treatment nourish the hair, it can effectively cleanse the scalp and provide the necessary nutrition to form a protective barrier.

Remember my dried hair from step one? My hair felt smoother after this step.

A note about the shampoo and treatment.

Initially, I had a minor inconvenience whenever I washed my hair. The bottles look too alike! I had to look at the label carefully before I know which to use first. The words are not big either. It doesn’t help that both the shampoo and treatment have the same thick white liquid, with a small difference in the look. Later did I realise this hack — the shampoo bottle has a white pump neck and treatment bottle, a black neck.

Oh, and don’t expect a floral smell, or the smell of the ocean. These products smell and look more clinical than other shampoo products. They are more like they are here to do a good job for your scalp than to make you smell good. And at the look of it, the thick white liquid seems to be packed of nutrients for scalp health.

Step 3A: Dry your Hair

After washing our hair, the scalp pores are opened. This is usually when the follicles are weaker and more hairs are dropped. SMiB’s guide suggested I towel dry my hair and scalp. Thereafter, gently comb and leave my hair to dry naturally.

However, my schedule doesn’t always permit to wait for my hair to be completely dried. Also, my mother used to drill in me to blow dry my hair as soon as possible to prevent headaches that come from wet hair.

Hence, after checking with a representative* from SMiB, she advised me to use hairdryer with the latest technology that will not dry out the hair. If not, use cool setting because frizzy brittle hair will arise from hot air. Good thing, I already have a hairdryer which uses MoistureProtect technology.

*P.s. You can direct all queries to SMiB via their email or Facebook messenger.

Step 3B: Massager

Once my hair was dry, I used SMiB Plasma Scalp Massager to comb through my hair and scalp. The scalp massager is designed to be shaped like regular comb, however strictly speaking, it is not meant to be used as a comb but to release Plasma Technology.

In any case, the teeth of the comb is a bit short and hard to comb through my hair. Hence I only used the massager to comb my roots and scalp, while using my wide teeth comb for the rest of the hair. For areas where my hair is shedding, I held the device over these spots for 10 seconds without brushing.

If you like some head massage, the scalp massager is equipped with vibration mode! The soothing vibrations and plasma technology are meant to enhance the blood circulation and relax the head muscles, and thus vibrating the stresses of the day away.

According to SMiB, user will reap the benefits of the plasma scalp massager with 30 seconds to 1 minute of daily usage. As often as possible, extend the usage gradually (but not exceeding 5 minutes each time) to simulate your scalp further.

It’s recommended you wash your hair everyday with the hair products. However, for some reason you are not washing your hair, don’t use the massager and the hair essence (next step). Using them will worsen the sebum built up on your scalp.

Step 4: Scalp Essence

SMiB’s scalp Essence contains a high concentration of coral calcium. Thus, this greatly helps in reducing hair loss. Also, the essence gives off a cooling sensation on the scalp. This minty feeling definitely helps to relieve the itchiness of the scalp. Do use the scalp massager before the essence as the scalp massager aids the scalp in absorbing the hair essence.

The instruction is to spray the essence evenly around the scalp. Thereafter, spread and massage the essence into the scalp. My squirts have not been perfected yet, and the essence is running out faster than expected from my amateur squirting skills.

Too far from my scalp, I don’t really feel the minty sensation. Too near to my scalp, and the squirt felt too localised, and I am not sure how effective I am at spreading the essence with my fingers. Thus I only go a bit nearer to spray at my “problem areas” — the hairlines at the forehead and crown. And my suggestion is also to spray at areas that itch, if you have any.

Final Note

The products should not be drying to the hair. However, after my wash and blow, I still find my hair dryer than I prefer. The hair is not dry dry, but it’s my personal preference for my hair to be a bit shinier. It’s also my habit to put olive oil on my hair ends. Hence, I made sure the olive oil doesn’t touch the scalp and affect the work of SMiB’s products.

On hindsight, I should have used these products before my postpartum hair loss. To take care of the scalp and see less hair loss right from the very beginning. Having said that, no anti hair-loss products can miraculously stop you from losing hair. What anti hair-loss products do is to reduce your hair loss. One reduces more than another. And because of different scalp and hair condition, one may suit you more than another.

Find out if SMiB products are suitable for your hair by trying the Starter Kit (100ml/500ml) at S$149.90/ S$199.90. Or if you prefer to try out the products without the massager, you can get the mini bundle of 100ml at S$69.90.

Shop now at SMiB’s website. Btw, it’s the positive reviews of their products on Lazada that made me try SMiB. You can also read about happy customers on their website. πŸ™‚

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    • Hello there! I used about 100ml of the products before finding that the products are incompatible with my scalp. My scalp started to itch and I had to go back to my old shampoo (which I realises targeted dry scalp). I was misled by my hairdresser that mine was oily scalp. πŸ™

      I went to google further and deduced/assumed my scalp is actually a combination type (like my face). SMiB products work better for those with oily scalp, and those with dry scalp might not find the results astounding.

      You might want to try out the starter set first. Or you could even win a complete set when you enter your email in the spinwheel at my referral link: πŸ™‚

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