Review of Prenatal Massage at Madam Partum, Singapore

I love massages, but I heard tuina massages and even massage chair are not advisable for pregnant ladies. Yet as my pregnancy progresses, my tired and aching muscles are screaming for relief. That is, until I decided to try out prenatal massages!

I was initially apprehensive about prenatal massages. Yes, they are touted as massages suitable for pregnant ladies, but there’s still a risk that the masseuses don’t know which meridian points to press or avoid. So what made me changed my mind? The background of Madam Partum. The more I find out about them, the more I am assured.

About Madam Partum

Whenever hubby and I come across the name, Chien Chi Tow, he would tell me how his 五十肩 (frozen shoulder) was “healed” here. Super painful, he would add, but effective. Chien Chi Tow has been around Singapore for over 50 years and is now a renowned traditional chinese medicine (“TCM”) brand.

In recent years, it has branched out into Madam Partum, a pre- and post-partum wellness and confinement care specialist. With the support of Chien Chi Tow, Madam Partum harness the effectiveness of meridian massage (Tuina) to help mummies achieve a complete & wholesome recovery.

Madam Partum provides holistic care for mummies, making sure mummies are well cared for at every stage of pregnancy and parenting journey. From massage to confinement care products, there are also post-partum services such as lactation massage, and childbirth education.

Madam Partum Info

Prenatal Massage at Madam Partum

My 3rd Massage Therapist: Hong Ying

According to Madam Partum, all their therapists for pre and postnatal massage (“PM therapists”) are professionally and medically trained, with more than 350 hours of intensive training! They have at least 4 years of experience and undergo rigorous in-house Meridian Massage training. They are also certified either by the International Therapy Examination Council or the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications.

All their PM therapists are female and have learned about the workings of the female anatomy and the right breast massage techniques to resolve issues such as engorgement and low milk supply.

And don’t worry about scheduling massage sessions near to your EDD, and popping earlier than expected. Madam Partum is able to convert the unused pre-partum massage sessions to post-partum massages.

Pricing of Prenatal Massage

60-minute Pre-Partum Massage:

  • 1 session: S$83.45
  • 5 sessions: S$388 (S$77.60/session)
  • 11 sessions: S$834.50 (S$75.90/session)

90-minute Pre-Partum Massage:

  • 1 session: S$120.90
  • 5 sessions: S$568 (S$113.60/session)
  • 11 sessions: S$1,209 (S$109.90/session)

Home Service:

  • Single session of 90-min: Additional S$42.80 per trip
  • Package sessions: Additional S$32.10 per trip.
  • No home services during weekends and public holidays.

My Experience at Madam Partum (Bendeemer)

Simple, No frills Massage Room

First Massage Session

Eight minutes before the opening at 10am, I pushed open the glass doors of Chien Chi Tow at Bendeemer. “Welcome”, the receptionist greeted me with a cheery smile. I was pleasantly surprised. I was half-expecting to be turned away as the staff were still prepping for opening.

The Chien Chi Tow outlet at Bendeemer is quite huge and hard to miss. Yet, I know of mummies who got lost because they didn’t know they should be looking out for Chien Chi Tow signboard instead of Madam Partum. Perhaps, Madam Partum should somehow append its name on or beside the signboard. Free advertising in a way too.

My massage therapist, Ye Jin, showed me into a tiny room with a simple hook in front of the bed to hang all my stuff. Outside, a male therapist was doing foot massage and I could hear him quite loudly. I’m glad Madam Partum now has a new outlet with a section dedicated to ladies only (more of this outlet below). For one, I like peace during massage and definitely not a male voice lingering in the air. Thank goodness, he wasn’t there throughout my entire massage session. As he stopped talking, peace descended and I felt more relaxed.

Regardless, I LOVE THE MASSAGE. At the first few presses, I thought about how I missed massage so much. It felt so, so, so good. Because of my pregnancy, Ye Jin couldn’t exert too much strength and I had to lie sideways for the session. I am someone who loves very firm pressure for massages. Thus, I was surprised to find myself enjoying her gentle massage. Her soft touches at the right spot brought relief to my muscles. So good, I soon found myself dozing off to sleep. An hour passed by so fast as she gently woke me up at the end.

Pillows for the Head and Tummy

Second Massage Session

On my second visit, it was Ling Ling at Bendeemer who massaged for me. This time she exerted more strength than Ye Jin. Its strength was closer to the massage I usually have pre-pregnancy. Didn’t think I will fall asleep with the hard presses, but I did again! I was fighting off sleep, but the massage was simply too good. I don’t usually fall asleep during massages, but perhaps because they were both not talkative, I could rest.

They both did a thorough full body massage. I like both of their strength, but the one with firmer strokes seemed to loosen the knots in my muscles. Yan Yan said my shoulders became so stiff that I didn’t feel any pain, and my arms felt painful as she massaged it because I have over-exterted it. Red flag to stop carrying baby EX so much!

Madam Partum’s New Katong Outlet

Madam Partum (Katong)

Woah, pretty pink! The pink pastel palette of the outlet took my breath away. The feminine touches of the place are evident. If you are particular about having a conducive environment for your massage, be sure to check out Madam’s Partum new outlet at Katong. It will be a Madam Partum outlet instead of a Chien Chi Tow outlet. Nevertheless, the expertise will be the same.

Massage Room at Madam Partum (Katong)

At the Katong outlet, there’s going to be a Chinese physician who specialises in breastfeeding issues, such as blocked ducts and low milk supply, and if necessary, prescribes galactagoue (a food or drug that promotes or increases the flow of a mother’s milk.). For western perspective, there’s Dr Wong who will also be at the outlet on certain days.

For mummies going for post-partum massage, you’ll be glad to find an exclusive nursing room for mothers to breastfeed or pump, and a place to change diapers. Mothers can also pre-order bird nest and consume in a cozy room on the day of visit.

It recently open in January 2020, so be sure to visit once and pamper yourself in style! πŸ™‚

Madam Partum consultation room

Trial a Massage. Win a Massage.

Massage Trial

Love what you have been reading? Book a trial with Madam Partum now. Quote “JoogoStyle” to enjoy this promotional rate:

  • S$48 nett for 60-minute pre-partum massage session (U.P. S$83.45)

Head down to one of the 10 outlets to enjoy your massage today! πŸ™‚

Or follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@madam.partum) for ongoing events and promotions.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Valid for new and existing customers.
  • Valid for massage sessions from February to 31 December 2020.
  • Valid for session booked at an outlet. Home service is not applicable for 60-minute session.
  • Bookings to be made in advance via WhatsApp to 8166 0060, subject to availability. Quote “JoogoStyle” at time of booking.
  • All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.
  • Not valid with other discounts/promotions.
  • Services sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash/products or other services.
  • Discount must not be used in conjunction with any other discounts. coupons or promotional vouchers.

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Disclosure: This is an editorial review. I was sponsored a portion of the package and was not paid for publishing my experience with this service. All opinions are of my own and are genuine.

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