Where to Buy Adults and Children’s Fabric Face Mask in Singapore?

The law now requires everyone above 2 years old to wear face masks when stepping out of the house. A surgical mask offers better protection, but with dwindling supply worldwide, it’s best to save them for people in medical facilities and front-lines. Or when you are going to high risks areas such hospitals and clinics.

Hence, reusable fabric mask is recommended for the general population to wear on a daily basis. Moreover, it’s more eco-friendly!

With Phase 2 here, you and your family will be going out more often. And it’s highly recommended to wash your fabric masks after each use for hygiene purposes and effective protection. So if you don’t want to wash that often, you’ll need more masks to rotate and wear out. Stock up! 🙂

Reusable masks is big business now and many shops are selling them. With many cute prints to choose from, get one that will encourage your child to put masks on. I’ve compiled a list of shops to buy stylish masks for children and adults. Comment below and let me know of any shop I have missed out.

p.s. I will be doing up a list of where to get face shield for children soon.

List of Shops in Alphabetical Order:

(Click the links to jump to the specific shop or website.)

  1. 1929 Mask (black only)
  2. Ans.ein (solid colours/batik prints)
  3. AYEcansew (Disney/Marvel/cartoon prints; Seamstress’s Facebook and Instagram)
  4. Binary Style (local culture/tropical prints)
  5. Bods (over the head loop children’s mask (no stress on ears), airism like material, pocket to add filter)
  6. CYC Made to Measure (solid colours/random prints)
  7. Customine (customised face mask; website)
  8. Danovel (adults only; homegrown furniture company that specialises in custom upholstery; website)
  9. Elizabeth Little (floral prints, nose bridge)
  10. Independent Market (cartoon prints)
  11. Le Petite Society (cartoon prints)
  12. Littleoddforest (quirky/whimsical prints)
  13. Maison Q (cartoon prints)
  14. Marvelous Works (3-D, nose bridge, social enterprise)
  15. Masketeers SG (tailor made sizes; Sakura/Japanese prints/patterns; website)
  16. Minitotz (website)
  17. Minor Miracles (local artist; whimsical and dreamy designs; website)
  18. Love SG (Singapore flag/lion/united prints; website)
  19. OETEO (white only, anti-bacterial fabric mask; website)
  20. Oh Happy Fry (Made in Korea, website)
  21. OliveAnkara (African prints)
  22. Onederful Kids (floral prints)
  23. Pefore. (solid colours, nose wire, medical grade fabric)
  24. ShieldMask+ (black/white, 4 layers)
  25. Sandra Macheroux Photography (Peranakan prints/Singapore photos)
  26. Sea Apple (upcycled from past season fabrics; website)
  27. Shop MonBébé (pattern prints; website)
  28. The Cotton Shoppe (Japanese prints; website)
  29. The Everyday Club (patterns/cartoon prints, handmade in SG; website)
  30. Zalora (solid colours/patterns; website)
  31. DIY Masks

1929 Mask

Masks from 1929 Mask are treated with anti-microbial and water-repellent agents that last for 100 washes. They have been tested by various international test centres for water repellency, bacteria filtration efficiency and chemical safety. Moreover, the fabric is made with technology that eliminates bacteria, fungus and unpleasant odours.

If you worry about the masks being too small, you can always get their mask extenders for comfort.

Designed in Singapore, Made in Malaysia.

Price: S$25 (children and adults)

Website: 1929mask.com/products/reusable-3-ply-anti-microbial-face-mask


Ans.ein is known for Peranakan-inspired batik prints on clothing for children and mothers. Now, they have a collection of masks with these beautiful prints. Their 3-ply reusable mask comprises of:

  • Inside: Cotton twill (breathable and absorbs moisture)
  • Middle: Waterproof fabric (tested to block water droplets, and used for makeshift medical protective gears)
  • Outside: Cotton/Polyester (blocks small particles)

I got their masks for the children and adults. Beautiful colours, quick to dry, but colour runs during wash.

Founded in Singapore by two mumpreneurs.


  • Solid colours: S$5 (Children), S$7 (Adults)
  • Prints: S$10 (Children), S$12 (Adults)

Website: ans-ein.com/collections/reusable-mask

Binary Style

Binary Style is a local boutique that offers scarves, apparels and masks. The prints on these products tell the Singapore story — of local history, culture, urban life, and nature. Get these original prints with a local flavour and Binary Style will donate 20 per cent of the mask sales towards various charities.

Prices: S$15 (children and adults)

Website: binarystyle.co/collections/100-cotton-mask

CYC Made to Measure (Tailor)

CYC Made To Measure is Singapore’s heritage tailor that made shirts for the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Thus it comes as no surprise that the fabric masks are made of premium quality cotton fabric from renowned shirting mills. Moreover, each mask comes with an inner pocket to hold filter insert and a water-repellent, washable N95 hydrophobic filter.

Personally, I love their filters because they are made from non woven fabrics comparable to the ones used for N95 surgical masks. Also, according to tests from Singapore A*star lab, the filters have 95.5% – 99.8% BFE reading after 15 washes. This means they retain their efficacy fairly well even after repeated washes.

I bought CYC’s Mask Filter Insert Refill Pack pack. I asked and CYC said it is okay to cut the filters in half to fit children’s mask size. One can fold to fit, but so wasted. 😛

Masks are made in Singapore. Support local!


  • S$16- S$20 (children and adults) (Further 20% discount when you buy more than eight masks from the Technicolour series, regardless of sizes).
  • S$6.25 for 25 pieces of filter.

Website: store.cyctailor.com/collections/cycs-reusable-face-mask-with-filter-insert

Elizabeth Little

Elizabeth Little is for floral prints lovers. Its signature collection uses organic cotton, fine Japanese linen, and heritage Liberty prints. Now these Liberty fabrics are also used to produce face masks for kids and adults. You get to match your little girl’s mask with her dress too. Every mask sold gifts another mask to a child from a vulnerable family.

Elizabeth Little believes in slow fashion and sustainability instead of mass production. Hence, all their products employ handcrafted techniques that value quality over quantity.


  • S$18 for 2-ply mask with filter compartment (children and adults)
  • S$22 for 3-ply mask (children and adults)

Website: www.elizabethlittle.co/collections/liberty-fabric-masks

Independent Market

Independent Market sells fabric masks in packs of two, four and ten. Made with fabric that is of hypoallergenic cotton, the mask is made good for children and sensitive skin. The breathable fabric makes it more comfortable to wear in our humid climate too.

  • Inside/Middle: Cotton gauze pocket for inserting a disposable filter (filter not included). There’s a new version where the inner layer has antimicrobial treatment.
  • Outside: 100% Cotton double-lined 2 ply

Their children’s masks have three different sizes, from XS (2-4 years old) to M (pre-teen). The rubber straps are adjustable with tying of knots.

I got their masks for the children and adults. 🙂 The size for the adults are on the small side, whereas the ones for children fits my 3 year old daughter well. However, it’s a bit difficult to adjust and tie the rubber straps to the perfect length to fit her ears nicely.

Masks are made in Singapore. Support local!


  • Generally, it’s S$32 for a set of 4.
  • S$7 – S$10 (Children); S$8 – S$15 (Adults)

Website: www.independentmarket.sg/collections/reusable-fabric-face-masks-sets

Le Petite Society

Le Petite Society sells premium clothing for children and mothers. It has recently launched its line of reusable face masks. These double-layered fabric masks comes with a slot to insert your filter (filter not provided). Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Available in sizes for children, teens, ladies and men.

Prices: S$10 (children and adults)

Website: lepetitsociety.com/shop/face-masks


Littleoddforest offers a range of lifestyle goods, mainly handmade in designs inspired by delectable forest, fairy tales and wanderlust. It is everything quirky, whimsical, kitschy and colorful. Perfect for the young and colorful at heart, and free-spirited grown-ups.

Prices: S$22.90 (Children); S$24.90 (Adults)

Website: www.littleoddforest.com/collections/face-masks

Maison Q

Maison Q’s signature collection is reversible children’s wear. Their purpose is to maximise the life of the apparels and get more mileage out of them. Sadly, they don’t do this for the face masks. But you can still get their face masks with quality fabrics and vivid colours.

Maison Q has an in-house initiative called Masks for Good to help local and Indonesian artisans. It is also donating 20 per cent of their face masks proceeds to Babes’ Happy Stork Programme, which helps teenage mothers from low income families.

Price: S$16 (Children), S$18 (Adults)

Website: maison-q.com/collections/face-masks

Marvelous Works

Marvelous Works is a social enterprise that sells face masks handmade by women from single-parent households and underprivileged families in Singapore. Made of 100% cotton fabric, their face masks has a slot to insert filter, a nose wire for a more secured fit, adjustable elastic bands and in 3D-shape.

Masks are made in Singapore. Support local!

Prices: S$19 (children and adults)

Website: oliveankara.com/pages/circuit-breaker-african-wax-print-clothing-oliveankara


Olive Ankara blends African fabrics with Italian design. It seems to be the only shop in Singapore that sells reusable mask with such colourful African prints. Washable, reversible, and 100% wax print cotton. It has a pocket to fit a surgical mask. 10 per cent of the face masks proceeds will go to local charities helping migrant workers and Singaporeans in need.

Prices: S$19 (children and adults)

Website: oliveankara.com/pages/circuit-breaker-african-wax-print-clothing-oliveankara

Onederful Kids

Onederfulkids’s face masks have adjustable ear and neck loops. What’s more, you can get a set of ribbon hair clip to match the mask for your little girl. And fret not if you have no time to iron on labels on the masks. Personalise the mask with your name at an additional S$3.50.

Masks are made in Singapore. Support local!


  • S$12.90 (Children), S$16.90 for (Adults).
  • S$30 for a set of three (Children).
  • S$24.90 for a set of ribbon hair clip and mask.
  • Filter pm 2.5: S$1 for 2 pieces, S$4 for 10 pieces.

Website: www.instagram.com/onederfulkids (Message 91716595 to order)


Pefore. has changed its name to the Phase Co. in 2022.

Hand sewn, Pefore.’s face masks come in solid colours and four sizes. You can also personalise your masks with your name. I heard from mummies that this mask is comfortable to wear.

The outer layer of medical fabric is designed for hospital scrub usage. The fabric is certified, however, the mask as a whole isn’t sent for certification. It is water repellent when completely dry. Also, there’s a nose wire pocket and a filter pocket. Pefore. sells nose wires for you to insert and replace the wire as and when needed.

Prices: S$5.50 (children and adults).

Website: www.thephaseco.com/category/masks


ShieldMask+ has four layers of protection. The outer layer repels moisture, the 100% bamboo fabric of the inner layer provides comfort. In between, there are 2 filters for protection. The ear straps are easily adjustable to ensure a good fit. Only in black and white though.

Masks are made in Singapore. Support local!

Prices: S$18, currently discounted at ~S$16 (children and adults)

Website: www.shieldmaskplus.com (About); www.lazada.sg/shieldmask+-121227230/ (Shop)

Sandra Macheroux Photography

At Sandra Macheroux Photography, you can find beautiful photos of Singapore by professional street photographer Sandra Macheroux on merchandise such as jigsaw puzzles and cushion covers. Now you can also buy and wear face masks with beautiful Peranakan tiles and shophouses. Each mask has a synthetic water-repellent outer layer and organic cotton inner layer.

Prices: S$21 (Children), S$25 (Adults)

Website: www.macheroux.photography/gifts

DIY Masks: Make them yourself

If you can’t find a perfect mask, then make your own reusable cloth masks! There are step-by-step sewing guides for you to follow, such as from gov.sg, and many others on YouTube.

Lastly, have fun sourcing for you face mask! 🙂

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