Opinion: Training Super Smart Baby

Channel New Asia (CNA) has an article and video about training a super smart baby. This topic has incited discussion and the article highly shared. If you have not read it, have a look here: www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/train-super-smart-baby-right-brain-sensory-infant-formula-10009058

“While Dr Tay believes our environment already offers a rich range of stimuli for children, some parents are willing to go further to create experiences for their babies. They are going all out to unlock their infant’s potential such as signing them up for right brain training and sensory classes.” – Channel News Asia

What do you think?

Can you really train your baby to be smarter?

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Personally, I would spend quantitative and qualitative time with the children. Let them play and have fun without aiming to develop their brains (so to speak) in the hope of training them to be smarter.

Just let them play and have fun! Be it through books, puzzles, toys, outdoor play at the beach or playground, outdoor walks to spot insects and plants, or outdoor activities such as cycling and skating.

Once they start primary school, there will be very limited time in which they can play. I don’t want to rob them of the joy of doing so before they enter formal school!

Academics in Singapore cannot be ignored, but I think social skills, awareness of others’ emotions and feelings, compassion, empathy, self control, discipline, humility, patience, kindness etc are so much more important 😉

I think genius or not, intelligence does not equate to success in later years. As long as they fear God, love God, love His people and obey God, I think that would be enough 😉

Elaine Ho is a stay at home mother with a three year old toddler who just started pre-school.

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