My Confinement Practices and Review of Thomson Herbal Care

Confinement after pregnancy is the period when mothers are kept indoors to recuperate from her pregnancy and childbirth. Other than this, a major part of confinement is the particularity of meals and herbal soups the mothers consume. Asians are familiar with this practice of nursing mothers back to good health but it’s largely foreign to Westerners. I heard the mother’s constitution can be improved after good confinement care, and vice versa.

This confinement period usually lasts from 28 to 40 days. In fact, there are practitioners of Chinese medicine who think that 60 days is best, because that’s when the body is fully recovered.

Confinement Myths?

Thomson Medical: Herbal Care (Left), Confinement Food (Right)

Surrounding confinement are many practices that can be questionable. Confinement myths challenged by lack of scientific research include “I must not expose myself and my baby to any wind drafts or air-conditioning.”, and “I have been told not to read or cry.”. Some mothers swear by no shower and no wind, saying there’s really a difference to their bodies.

As for me, I did wear long pants and tops with sleeves at home during this period, and a cap if out to polyclinic. Also, I minimised contact with cold water, washing my hands with warm water and shower only with herbs, just as long as I get to shower. Personally, good personal hygiene and comfort makes me happy and comfortable. Hence, I did cherry pick confinement practices to adhere to, with more emphasis on what should go into my body than the external dos and don’ts.

It’s important for me to eat the “right” food cooked with wine, sesame oil and traditional herbs during this period, along with consuming herbal soups and medication. I checked with Thomson Chinese Medicine’s physician about drinking red dates tea, and he said nothing can replace water. So do drink water and not get too ‘heaty’ with drinking only red dates tea.

In this aspect, from confinement food to herbal care, I’m well taken care of by Thomson Medical (“Thomson”). Other than confinement food and traditional Chinese medicine, which is managed by Thomson, has a variety offerings such as antenatal class, and confinement nanny services. Not only that, they sell a wide array of products for babies and mothers, from baby cot to toys, from supplements to facial care.

Ultimately for confinement practices, it is what mothers believe in and do to make herself happy. Be sure you are not pressurised into or stressed from keeping the practices. Happy mother, happy baby, happy father! 🙂

Confinement Herbs

Thomson Confinement Tingkat’s Soup Dish

Confinement herbs, coupled with well-balanced confinement food, are essential for the new mother to help her recuperate and regain vitality in preparation for her next pregnancy.

Thomson Medical

Confinement food caterers usually have generic herbal soups to nourish mothers in recovery, but the physique or constitution of every mother is different. Hence, other than drinking the soup provided in Thomson’s confinement food tingkat, I got Thomson Chinese Medicine’s 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care package (“Herbal Care”).

This package comes with customised confinement herbs to boost a mother’s post-natal recovery. It is prescribed by Thomson’s traditional Chinese medicine (“TCM”) physician and tailored to individual mother’s needs and body constitution, addressing existing health concerns as well as boosting overall wellness.

It is perfectly fine to consume most herbal soups on top of the confinement herbs. If in doubt, please consult your TCM physician.

Review of Thomson Herbal Care

My Consultation

It was a good thing Thomson has a TCM clinic at One@KentRidge which is very near to NUH where I delivered. I could easily popped by for consultation on the day of my discharge. Better still if you are delivering at Thomson Medical Centre, the physician will visit you at the ward. Other Thomson Chinese Medicine Clinics are located at Paragon and Waterway Point. Do go for the consultation on the day of discharge or within a week from delivery. This is to ensure that the confinement herbs prescribed are tailored for both the recovering mother and the newborn.

During consultation, the TCM physician, Mr Ho Wee Kok, asked about my medical history and whether I had natural or c-sect delivery, and a few other questions. He also took my pulse and checked my tongue. All these were considered in determining my condition and in prescribing me a 28-day course of customised TCM medication.

Mr Ho was friendly and explained my condition in layman terms. Considering my cold body constitution, he also gave advice on the type of food to eat and avoid to improve it.

The Chinese Medication

During my confinement month, my husband needed to juggle a few tasks, from boiling of red dates and shower herbs to managing an unpredictable newborn, a cranky toddler, and a hormonal tired mother. He was so not looking forward to having another task of boiling herbal soups.

So he was elated to find out that the herbal care comes in convenient and hassle-free capsules and sachets — 28 sachets of powdered medication, cordyceps capsules and mammgation-duce capsules. Just mixed the powder with warm water, and drink it. Just pop the pills and swallow. Easy peasy!

The capsules are to build body constitution, and aid in body recovery and milk production. As for the powdered medications, they target three stages of post-natal recovery: Uterus recovery, digestive wellness and breastfeeding, and vitality booster.

More specifically for my medication,

  • First 4 days was to clear lochia,
  • Next 10 days to strengthen the stomach and spleen so as to build immunity and aid in milk production, and
  • Last 14 days is to enhance liver and kidney, to promote Qi and blood and to strengthen bones and joints.

Confinement herbs prescribed in herbal care are mostly plant-based (sometimes with animal extracts). Under proper prescription by a qualified TCM physician, these herbs will not cause adverse effects to either mother or baby. And do remember to have a 2-hour interval between taking the confinement herbs and any other supplements or medication.

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Disclosure: This is an editorial review. I was sponsored the herbal care package and was not paid for publishing my experience with this service. All opinions are of my own and are genuine.

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