Newborn Photoshoot

After our maternity photoshoot with Shann from Scintilla Studio, the bun is out and it’s time for our newborn photoshoot!

About Newborn Photoshoot

Most photographers or studios suggest taking the newborn photoshoot within the first two weeks when the baby is still sleeping most of the time. I guess this allows them to easily take the typical sleeping baby portraits.

So sweet right???! Mothers are biased.

However, Shann couldn’t make it within first two weeks of baby Evangeline’s life and so we had our newborn shoot when she was 17 days old. According to Shann, it doesn’t matter because the newborn will usually fall asleep after feeding. But since I was latching on demand, I didn’t know the exact time baby Evangeline will be sleeping or feeding. Thus I didn’t know when’s the best time for Shann to come.

If you are planning to take the newborn shoot within the first month, you will much appreciate the house call! More so if you are first time parents like us, the first few weeks can get crazy and it’s kinda dreadful to take time out for this luxury. Moreover, for Chinese mothers who do confinement, you’re highly encouraged to stay at home and rest.

Actual Newborn Photoshoot

Our newborn shoot was taken in our tiny rented apartment that’s crowded with stuff and boxes, but yet we still managed to take good shots! All thanks to Shann. Even though our place was too cramp for photoshoot, it was better than having to go down to a studio. Just so you know, Shann doesn’t take newborn photoshoot in a studio but at your place. Other photo studios require you to head down to their studios or top up for house visits.

I asked Shann to come in the afternoon based on the general sleeping trend. In the end, baby Evangeline wasn’t in her usual sleeping pattern and only slept a while in the beginning and became wide awake throughout the shoot. Surprisingly she wasn’t fussy or crying much and was even cooperative – even when we put on the ticklish furry costume on her (see below)! Think she was amused by all that was going around her.

Shann brought along a few props like the basket in the photo above, but we mainly used the stuff and costumes we have prepared. The little chick and bunny costumes we bought from Taobao were a little huge for baby Evangeline. Hence we improvised a bit and will probably wear them again when she’s a toddler! Hehe.

She’s our little princess~

The same goes for the head bands – oversize ones we bought from Taobao. We had many more in our storage! Can’t wait for her to grow up and dress her. Nevertheless, she still looks good in the headbands now!

We also utilised everyday things we have like the Aden + Anais swaddles and the polka dot baby blanket.

Photoshoot Package Pricing

Newborn packages start from S$288 with all photos edited and returned, while a Newborn + Maternity package starts from S$500. Do note that the packages from Scintilla Studio don’t include make up and outfits.

Quote ‘Joogobaby’ to get 10% off when you book and make deposits in 2017. 🙂

It’s really a good idea to take photos of the little one for memories sake! They do grow up fast!

Baby Evangeline: Thanks for browsing through my pretty, sweet and cute photos! Till next time, tata! 

Are you taking maternity and newborn photoshoot? Or do you have other photographers you like to recommend? Feel free to share or ask in the comments section below. 

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