Review of ‘Scissors Paper Stone’, Children’s Hair Salon

“Have you thought of cutting Evangeline’s hair to look like so-and-so’s daughter? Looks cute,” my friend asked, tactfully hinting that her hair looked messy.

“I did cut for her like that, but it grew out to look like this,” I defended.

I wanted to be that mother who could boast about cutting their children’s hair until they are 2-3 years old. When Evangeline was younger, she would sit still while I cut her hair. But at 18 months old, her head turned, moved, shook whenever the scissors went near her forehead. After I snipped randomly, she did get a fairly straight fringe, but truth revealed itself when the hair grew out – it’s an uneven cut.

After some thought, I decided perhaps, I should get the professionals to cut her hair. With Chinese New Year coming and her hair not growing as fast, resulting in people mistaking her as a boy, this is for the best.

Review of Scissors Paper Stone

I remembered checking out the prices of children’s hair salons at United Square and it’s not cheap. In our opinion, we pay so much to trim a little of baby’s few strands of hair. As my hubby puts it, he can cut his hair 2-3 times with the same price.

But after this experience, I realised the higher pricing compensates the swiftness, accuracy, calmness and unflappability required to cut children’s hair. Still, it’s more worth it when your child has much hair to see the difference.

About Scissors Paper Stone

So I was googling for recommendations when I came across Scissors Paper Stone. The review I saw was for its outlet at Forum (Orchard). They have other outlets at Katong 112, and Marina Square. And since we would be near Marina Square the next day, we decided to just pop by.

We were there at about 12:30PM and I went straight to the tablet on the counter to register and get a queue number. I keyed in Evangeline’s and my details and got #15. There were already 14 customers since 10:30PM. Marina Square outlet opens daily from 10:30AM to 8:30PM.

In the meantime, Evangeline joined the crowded playground just outside the hair salon. We didn’t know how long was the wait, but there was a SMS notification to inform us of our turn. We waited for about 10 minutes.

The Child’s Haircut Experience

Firstly, we could decide if Evangeline was to sit on my lap or in the toy car. The hairdresser recommended the car, since Evangeline is quite big at 18 months old. Sitting in the car might also fascinate and hopefully distract her. Think it’s also easier for the hairdresser to cut without me in the way (as you can see in the photo below).

Evangeline was having fun in the car while waiting for the hairdresser to clean up the area and prepare her tools. There’s a tablet in front of each seat to distract the child, but since we are not into devices for her, we requested it to be off. The hairdresser was okay about it and pointed to the cupboard of toys. We picked a few toys for her to play as distraction.

But as you can see, the toys didn’t work. So I had to resort to a wefie video to stop her from fidgeting. Okay, we caved into devices – the handphone. But at least she was seeing herself having a haircut, like a mirror, except she find it more engaging via my handphone than the mirror. The silver lining? I got a close up video of her getting a haircut. Lol.

The whole haircut session ended in 6.5 minutes. It felt longer than that because I was busy trying to get her attention and distract her so that she doesn’t move too much. Hubby was on the side video-ing the whole process.

“What?! I was caught on video by the paparazzi??”

Review of Scissors Paper Stone

Tadah, the toot toot, I mean, cute hairstyle. We requested to cut the front real short so that it will last a month till Chinese New Year without another haircut

Overall, we are satisfied with the results. Before, the hair at the back was thin, messy and there was even a tail. Now, the hair (front and back) is definitely much neater than before. I do wonder why the cut would make her hair looked bushier.

Because she’s a girl, usually the hairdressers don’t cut the sides, but I told the hairdresser to just trim them. My thinking was, just make the whole head neat, and the money worth it. She did a good job trimming it without making her looking more of a boy.

This lady in spectacles is Evangeline’s hairdresser! I think she’s really good, 快而准, quick and precise. In between the cuts, she would speak to Evangeline and rattle the toys to distract her. She also advised us to let the hair at the back grow and just cut the fringe the next time we go. Fringe cut is only S$14, while the whole head is S$24.

Okay, Evangeline’s face didn’t reflect how we felt, I think she was still reeling in confusion. It was a pleasant haircut affair for us, at least she did not wail nor had a hole in the hair.

Thus, you might want to consider Scissors Paper Stone for your child’s haircut for Chinese New Year (CNY). Surcharge applies 15 days prior to CNY.


  • Website:
  • Locations: Forum (Orchard), Katong 112, Marina Square
  • Pricing: S$24; S$14 for fringe; surcharge applies for Chinese New Year
  • Hours: 10:30AM to 8:30PM (7:00PM for Forum)

p.s. Btw, this is not a sponsored post. 🙂

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