Family Photoshoot in Singapore & Letters to Evangeline

We did a family photoshoot in Singapore to commemorate Evangeline turning one! Had wanted to keep the photoshoot photos in private collection, but they were too pretty not to share. 🙂 We also used one of the pretty photos to do up a ‘Thank You’ card for the guests who came for Evangeline’s first birthday party. It was a great idea!

Family Photoshoot in Singapore -

Family Photoshoot in Singapore

Studio and Pricing

The photos were shot by Shann from Scintilla Studio, who also did our newborn and maternity photoshoots . 🙂 We paid S$150 for an hour session, which took only 45 minutes because of our efficiency and also because we were late for 10-15 minutes. Oops.

She usually charges S$150-200 per hour, with all photos edited and given back. The photos in this post are as they are given to me. No further editing was done. Quote ‘JoogoBaby’, and she might give you a 10% discount!

Family Photoshoot in Singapore -


We wanted an outdoor shoot and Shann suggested either Toa Payoh or Bishan park. It’s common to see old photos taken in Toa Payoh Park (“TPY Park”) and so the place gives off that retro feel, compared to the more modern Bishan. Since Evangeline and I were going to wear lace dresses, we might fit into a retro theme. Moreover, Toa Payoh park holds a special meaning for our family…so TPY Park it is!

Interestingly, we found out later that my parents-in-law had their wedding photoshoot at TPY Park! Talk about divine arrangement.

Family Photoshoot in Singapore -

On the Day

We rushed out the moment Evangeline woke up so that we could finish the photoshoot before her first nap. Afternoon and evening sun might prove too hot for us in this June weather. But as we set off from our place, the sky was overcast and it looked like it was going to rain anytime soon.

Thus, I was worried we had to do this another day. I don’t want to even think about it – of having to prep Evangeline all over again and bring out those barang barang the next time. Even if it did not rain, the dark sky didn’t seem it would give enough natural lighting to the photos. Will the photos turned out okay?

Family Photoshoot in Singapore -


The photos turned out more than okay, they were great! Like what Evangeline was telling her daddy in the photos above,

“Hey daddy, don’t worry. Look up to God. Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” (Matthew 6:26-27)

What’s more, the weather was better than expected. There was no rain but only clouds to shade off the morning sun. Otherwise, we will sweat even more in the humidity. We were all perspiring even though there’s no sun. You can see evidence of it on my hubby’s shirt in the photos!

Family Photoshoot

This “手牵手” holding hands shot is our favourite! It’s on both our phones’ wallpaper. Baby, let us journey with you through life okay?

There were both posed and natural shots. For the latter, Shann had us interact with one another while she captured the precious moments at the right time. And of course, one will also get unglam shots in this way. Look at unglam Evangeline below, she’s enjoying our kisses so much to care about her image. 😛

That’s all about the photoshoot! Scroll down for more photos. You can skip the long letters we wrote to Evangeline. Just wanted to post them here for her to read in future! Heh.

Family Photoshoot in Singapore -

Letters to Evangeline

Mummy’s Letter

This is written for Baby Evangeline when she turned 10 months old:

“Darling Evangeline, two more months and you are going to be one year old! *Gasp* When did you grow from a helpless baby in my arms to a big baby struggling free from my arms to explore the world? A fidgety baby becoming an energetic bunny bouncing everywhere. You surprise me everyday with new moves.

We clapped in delight when you took your first steps. And when you saw how excited we were, you walked a few more steps with a proud look and smile, squealing out in pride.

Or once when we were out for a meal, your dad was busy eating and talking beside you. So whenever you finished your potato stick, you reached out your hand and tapped his arm to ask for more. It’s such a cute scene!

Then there are all the diaper changing and shower time when you will wrestle with me. You kick, you twist, all just to escape and crawl away to play. You refuse to lie down, even when you are sleeping! Yea, for a period of time, you only sleep in a kneeling position

Then you will follow me around the house, just to play or hang out around me. Like when I’m prepping food and cooking in the kitchen, you will come find me and play with the things you can find around you. Occasionally I’ll spot you eating some unknown food dropped on the floor. It’s dangerous, but you can only be “locked” up in the playard for a while before you would cry and shake the walls to be let out

You know how to wave bye bye, clap hands, wave your hand like pageant ladies, smile and laugh at hellos and peekaboos – making aunties and uncles on the street adore you. Best of all, you recently know how to play catching with us! We love your hearty laughs at our funny faces and sounds

When we asked you to kiss us, you would want to lick us. There was once you tried to French kiss me. My lips were near yours and you stretch your tongue into my mouth! 😘

Please continue to eat and grow well. To grow up happy and love God and us, your parents. Hugs and kisses, we will always love you, our 心干宝贝!

Love, your mummy.”

Family Photoshoot in Singapore -

Mummy’s Second Letter

“Dear Evangeline,

You are one today. You are a miracle that Daddy and I never thought we would have. We are so thankful for you and so proud of you. While you steadily hit so many milestones in a year, we can finally say we survived a year! Looking back, time flies and the year seemed short, but the days are indeed long. There were so many times I feel like giving up, but your smiles helped me to push on, to remind me that it’s all worth it.

Before I had you, I didn’t find babies ‘awww’ cute and I find children noisy. I am scared of carrying babies – fragile newborn or sturdy infant. So I was apprehensive about how I would handle you. Will I play with you? Will I even know how to carry you? I didn’t know how I will feel towards you. Will I love you?

All these worries were unfounded. I was happily surprised to see how big you were when you first pop out of me. My heart melted when you first came into my arms. Then mother instinct guided me to pick you up, to change your diaper, and to bathe you. I can’t stop hugging and kissing you everyday. There’s this love that arose inside of me, a love I’ve never known before. Sometimes when I hugged you or looked at you, I still feel that you’re so surreal. Here I am, holding a small human being in my hands, a being that’s part of me.

You’ve been walking a few independent steps these days and I believe you will soon be running around. I’m grateful that you are healthy and happy. Please continue to be sociable – clapping happily, waving at people, chuckling at them when they play with you, or simply staring at people as they made cooing faces at you. Continue to be joyful and playful around us and your grandparents. I have so much to say, but I have a lifetime to tell you. I love you.

your mummy”

Family Photoshoot in Singapore -

Daddy’s Letter

“Hello baby.

You are one today.

A few days ago, Mummy reminded me of the dream I had before you were born, when we were on our way to Taiwan for our babymoon. We were on a plane in that dream as well, and I saw a little girl with a big bright smile running towards me and eventually giving me a big tight hug. At that moment, I knew that I was holding you in my arms, and I remember telling you in the dream…

“You are exactly how I imagined you to be”.

And yes, that’s exactly how I felt and have been feeling and more since the day you were born. Your smiles, your playfulness, and even your cries and tantrums – Daddy love them all and won’t wish it to be any other way.

I am reminded of the story of the caterpillar taking its time to grow and get stronger in the cocoon, before transforming into a beautiful butterfly. Every child should be given the opportunity to grow at his/her own pace, and not be rushed to fulfil the “milestones” adults have set for them.

Daddy pray that you will continue to be that growing caterpillar, staying curious (staring at strangers), growing stronger, and having fun in the process. And one day, I know you will fulfil your destiny to bring colours to this world we call home (for now).

Daddy love you, Evangeline.

Happy birthday. (:”

Family Photoshoot in Singapore -

Let’s have fun as we journey together as a family on your path to greatness and love!

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