Confinement Tingkat Meals

Do you have confinement nanny, mother, mother-in-law or anyone cooking confinement meals for you? And also someone to make those trips to the wet market or supermarket to buy the ingredients? And to wash up after the cooking and eating? If not, you can consider ordering confinement tingkat meals!

You may also consider this option even if your mother or mother-in-law is helping you with confinement. It will definitely lighten their load as they fuss over the baby, unless they are great cooks. And if you are blessed enough to be able to engage a confinement nanny, remember to tell her your food preferences and factor in the ingredient’s cost in addition to the nanny’s salary.

Caterer Options for Confinement Tingkat Meals

There are an increasingly number of caterers out there, with Tianwei Signature being the newest kid in the block, while The Natal Kitchen started in 2015.

Here’s a list of confinement meal caterers. Click on the link to find out more about their packages:

Confinement Tingkat Meals

Which caterer to choose?

There are many online reviews about the different caterers, and reading them will help you shortlist a few preferred ones. No matter how good a caterer was for one mummy, it doesn’t necessarily mean the food will suit your taste buds. Hence, it is best for you to order trial meals to try out. Then again, trial meals are not cheap either.

Personally, I tried the trial meals of Tian Wei Signature, The Natal Kitchen (Permanently closed) and Thomson Medical Center. Do read my subsequent posts for my reviews of them.

My Choice, Your Choice

About the Different Caterers

I heard that for Natal Essentials, the confinement food is good, but there are quite a few repeats in the menu. Hence, I struck this caterer off. But there’s a way to go around this and get more variety. Simply order from two caterers – e.g. Natal Essentials for lunch and The Natal Kitchen for dinner. The trial meal from Natal Kitchen was not bad in taste, though it’s 7.5/10 as compared to Tianwei’s 8.5/10. More on these two in my ‘Confinement Food Review’ post.

I was still contemplating on whether to choose Tian Wei Signature until I found out they are from Foodline. I get the impression that they are more specialised in the usual food catering services than providing specially curated healthy meals for mothers. That’s the same reason why I didn’t go for RichFood. However, later I found out that Foodline is more of an ‘aggregator’ of caterers rather than being a caterer and Tian Wei Signature caters meals solely to confinement mothers and does not provide any other catering services.

Since this is my first confinement, I am particular in getting sufficient nutrients and having the right meals planned out for me. Perhaps I will go for the above options for my second confinement.

In the end, I signed up for ThomsonBaby for their 28-day lunch and dinner (please read my review of Thomson Medical Confinement Food before ordering), and added their Pig’s Trotters package meal. One major factor in my decision is that their meals are designed by TCM Physicians and Nutritionists at Thomson Medical. But I was procrastinating for a long time because it is more expensive than the rest.

Before deciding on ThomsonBaby, I also ordered pre-packed confinement herbal soups from Lao Ban Niang. However, according to Thomson Medical, I will be overly nourished if I complemented these pre-packed herbal soups with the ones that came with the confinement tingkat meals. 

Hence, I will postpone drinking Lao Ban Niang soups to the 2nd month. This is alright because traditionally in China and Taiwan, there are mothers who do confinement from 40 days, 2 months, to 100 days. So, you might choose not to sign up for prepacked confinement herbs if you go for confinement tingkat meals. More about Lao Ban Niang and other herbal soup options in my ‘Prepacked Confinement Herbs’ post! 🙂

Important Tip: After the First Month

Have you thought of your meal option beyond the first month? If you are going to get a confinement nanny, you are going to get busy when she leaves. Or if you are like me, your hubby will be helping out for the first month, but after which he will be back to work. In these cases, unless you get help from other family or friends, you will have no time to prepare lunch or go out to pack lunch.  

With that in mind, I might order the 14-day lunch with Tianwei Signature after my first month of confinement. It’s still good to eat healthy meals after the first month. Then I will just start introducing ‘unhealthy’ food during dinner time – asking my hubby to pack dinner back.

How about breakfast?

In case you forget, it’s important to stock up food for breakfast too! Here are a few options:

  • Milo, horlicks, cereal drink
  • Biscuit
  • Cereal and milk
  • Bread: Peanut butter spread, kaya, french toast, etc
  • Cooked rolled oats (to provide you the fibre to pass motion)

So which caterer will you be going for? What are your considerations? Feel free to share your or ask anything about confinement tingkat meals below. 

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