Thomson Medical Confinement Food Review

I did DIY Confinement with my husband and ordering confinement tingkat meals with Thomson Medical made this arrangement much easier. And because I have a weak body constitution, I wanted to take this chance to recover from childbirth and restore my well-being. Hence in the second month after delivery, I continued to consume confinement food with Tian Wei Signature and pre-packed herbal soups with Lao Ban Niang. Before you continue reading my review of Thomson Medical Confinement Food (“TMC”), do read about the TMC Tasting Session we went for.

We got a promotional deal of S$1,880 for the dual meal package (28 Day Lunch and Dinner) and top up S$200 for 10 Days Pig’s Trotters Vinegar. The deal also came with a TMC Suitcase, confinement essentials and free 5-Day Bento Lunch for daddy (June promotion)! For more about the food tasting session and promotion, refer to my previous post.

Thomson Medical Confinement Food Review


I was impressed by the thermal bag that the food containers were in. It’s thick and sturdy, not like the usual ones in market. The bag size and shape was also customized to fit the food containers nicely. In this way, the containers wouldn’t slide during transportation and spill the food. However, I believe that the bags were reused throughout my entire meal plan and washed only when my cycle was finished. For one of the bags, it has a weird smell to it, like those wet clothes being dried indoors, and I got it a few times.

Thomson Medical Confinement Food Review

The food and longan red dates tea were packed in washable tiffin food containers and thermos respectively. I felt these were more environmental friendly than disposable food containers. Moreover, I didn’t need to worry about BPA from plastics and thus felt healthier than eating out of disposable packaging throughout confinement.

These containers also kept the food warm, so we didn’t need to microwave the food. But sometimes it would be hours before I ate the food. It was troublesome for me to reheat them since these containers are not microwavable, except for the last day. I could transfer the food to microwavable containers but lazy me ended up just eating the food cold.

Also, we had to clear the food out of the containers after our meal and rinse them with water, instead of conveniently throwing the containers with food away. So there are pros and cons with those disposable containers.

Thomson Medical Confinement Food Review


Delivery time was between 11.00am to 2.00pm for lunch and 4.30pm to 7.30pm for dinner. The food would reach during the time frame but not at a specific time every day. Instead of passing the rinsed containers packed in the bag to the delivery man, we placed the bag outside our house. The delivery man would collect and leave the new delivery of food at the door, ringing the bell to alert us as per our instructions. This was because sometimes we were too busy with the baby or other household chores at hand to rush to the door.


Meal Plan

I assume home-cooked confinement meals will have a lot of dish repetitions. Nanny/mother usually knows only a few dishes at hand, unless they love cooking and learn many recipes. On the other hand, a professional confinement food caterer would have done their research and kept repetition to minimal. TMC’s meal plan has a good variety, but I felt the dishes became more slipshod towards the end. Slipshod meaning less thought out in their recipes and effort in cooking.


In any case, the food portion was huge and there would always be leftover even after forcing myself to eat. My appetite after labour was not that good, but even if it’s with my normal appetite, the food was still too much.

Thomson Medical Confinement Food Review

After eating for a few days, I wonder if we overpaid for atas cai fan (mixed vegetables rice). However, I did feel the effects of the food. I was sweating and feeling hot inside out all the time. But that’s what confinement meal was supposed to be – to keep the bodies warm, dispel the wind and coldness. So it’s probably worth it to get well-curated meals. Furthermore, the premium in price tag is because the soups are all double boiled. This was supposedly better in maximizing the nutritional benefits of the herbs for the mothers.

Oh! And we paid for an extra dish of Pig’s Trotters Vinegar dish for 10 days, delivered in cycle 2 (i.e. after 10 days post delivery). In the original menu, there is also this dish on certain days. Hence I had it for consecutive 12 days? I love this dish during the food tasting session, that’s why. But like I said, the food portion was huge and so this additional serving made the whole meal overwhelming. Thankfully my husband love pig trotter’s and could help me finish them, otherwise there would be so much food wastage.

Confinement tingkat meals is definitely a good option if you have no confinement nanny. Or if you prefer a more comprehensive confinement meal plan as compared to the simple ones usually prepared by mothers.

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